Dear Prospective Students or Faculty Members,

Welcome to Harran University, a center of advanced research and a place of modern education. Aiming at raising the higher education and scientific research standarts of Turkey, we have spent utmost effort in creating an environment that will suit to the learning needs of our nation's young generation for almost 20 years. In addition, our academic staff have always aimed to lead in producing and dissemination of the scientific knowledge. We also believe that it is among our duties to contribute to the cultural development of our society. The highest standards of teaching and learning that we provide to our students help them equip themselves with the knowledge and the necessary skills that today's labor market demands. We are proud of our student friendly academic staff and convinced that the encouraging atmosphere that we have attained in Harran University will direct our highly qualified team of researchers to more outstanding projects. In the light of Ataturk's principles and reforms, our modern perspective and productivity oriented goals will place us in line with the acquisitions of our democratic and secular nation.

Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Halil MUTLU